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Happy, healthy organizations are made up of happy, healthy individuals.  Rebel's Institutional Integrative Health program offers corporations a cost-effective and powerful way to provide their employees mindfulness and wellness coaching that actually works. Corporate wellness for the mind and body. 


Take Control.

In so many ways, mindfulness and the purposeful act of making time to dwell in nothingness is a refusal to simply roll with the norms and constructs of our environment.  So much of what we do and believe is forged by exterior influences and internal momentum; most of which we are completely unaware of.  The dreams we pursue, the way we spend our time, the qualities we value and the way we view ourselves are rarely, if ever, analyzed and non-judgementally examined through unfiltered eyes.  The world we live in supports this continuous race to hurry-up and achieve the next step and the next step and the next step; until, your life is finally over and you realize that you’ve missed so much and didn’t enjoy the journey.  We view mindfulness as a personal rebellion against this pattern and a commitment to finding yourself through presence and silence.

Take control. Find yourself. Rebel.

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