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Professional Networks & Associations


Cost-Sharing for Your Members
Helping to make wellness coaching more 
affordable & accessible.

Our PNA Partnership creates an incredibly affordable way for your member organizations and offices to provide comprehensive, corporate wellness coaching to their teams. 


In our Exclusive Partnership, all coaching resources and webinars are delivered solely to the organization and their team.  In contrast, our PNA Partnership treats your Network or Association as the organization receiving the coaching, allowing all of your members to buy-in at a much lower cost. 


The average monthly rate for our Exclusive Partnerships is $2,700. 

Whereas the monthly rate in the PNA is only $299. 


Same exact coaching.

Same resources and tools.

Much different rate. 

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What is Integrative Health?

Our health, wellness and happiness is determined by a complex combination of many factors.  Our Integrative Wellness Program provides live, monthly coaching sessions that cover a vast array of wellness topics, including mindfulness, stress management, communication, sleep, time management and so much more.  Rebel Health is an employee-first, corporate wellness provider that prioritizes the health and happiness of your team, in turn, helping your organization thrive.    

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