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Good Day! In an effort to further support our journey to better health and mindful living in 2022, I will be sending out weekly text messages, just as little reminders to be present and check in.  Please provide your information below to be sure your receive these messages.  Of course, this is completely optional and you can opt-out at any time. 

In the future, I will upload any links, documents, or resources relevant to our coaching sessions on this page.  Please bookmark for easy access.  

Below you will find links to guided meditations of different durations. You may access them on this site, but I have also provided a Youtube link if that is more convenient.  


 -The first time, listen to the "INTRO" video, which will provide some general instruction. 

-Starting with one of the "5 MIN" meditations is recommended if this is relatively new to you. Save the one labeled "Less Guidance" until you are comfortable with the Original 5 Min

-Once you begin to feel comfortable with the 5 minute, this is a good time to nudge your comfort level a bit and increase to the 8, 15, or 20 minute meditations. There is not timeline for this; it may be on the 2nd day, it may be in the 2nd month. 

-Consistency is everything.  Try to make the commitment to yourself to create space for this daily. 

-Let go of preference and/or expectations.  Try to approach your practice with no pre-determined ideas about what it will be like or what you want it to be like. Just be with the experience as it is each day. 

-Finally, there is no "good" or "bad" meditation.  We tend to think that a session with minimal mind wandering and a sense of calm means we are doing a good job; often becoming frustrated when that doesn't happen.  Notice if that judgmental voice creeps in, but don't buy into the narrative.  Just observe, even if that means sitting for 5 minutes, noticing how restless and chaotic everything feels in that moment.