Mindfulness has the power to potentially change corporate culture, help employees and team-members better manage stress and so much more.  From half-day workshops to long-term training, Rebel Mindfulness can help forward-thinking companies integrate mindfulness into the world of business.



  As head of the Merchandising Department at Parfums Christian Dior I wanted to kick off a recent 3 day seminar for my teams from Latin America in a rather disruptive way.  Communication in any setting can be challenging, even when you speak the same language and are working toward the same goal.  But when you have remote teams, diverse cultures and unique personalities, it becomes a challenge to keep everyone on the same page and forge a clear path.  Creative professionals in a corporate environment are a bit of a paradox, so thinking outside the box was paramount.  So to kick off the seminar, I enlisted the help of Lucas Irwin, who listened and transmitted mindfulness teachings to my team that I never thought was possibly in such a short session.  Lucas disrupted the opening of the seminar by opening a few minds, offered new perspectives and allowed communication to improve for the days that followed.  I highly recommend him as a leader in this field.


"Annually, we survey our team in advance of an offsite meeting where we gather for a few days to discuss business, celebrate our accomplishments and get to know one another better. This year we saw a lot of asks for help with work/life balance; not always the easiest thing to accomplish in agency life! This led us to explore Mindfulness and to Lucas Irwin; founder of Rebel Mindfulness. We engaged him for a two hour session to kick-off our time together as a team and the results were amazing. His investment in understanding our group, customized anecdotes and general presence was hugely impactful for our team. I would highly recommend him as an expert in this space." - Robin Lickliter, CEO


Lucas was wonderful about creating a relatable approach that was engaging and practical... successful in guiding the participants through tactics to help better manage stress and anxiety, both inside and outside of the workplace. -Gavin McKenzie, CEO

Forums, Inc.

Working with Fortune 500 companies, our industry is a stressful one and the environment can get overwhelming. Our work environment improved significantly with Lucas. Overall, our employees were happier and more relaxed, productive and confident.  -Ali Pena, CEO

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We asked Lucas to speak to our 60 person team of event producers and creatives about mindfulness and how to achieve a better work/life balance. Lucas has the unique ability to make complex subjects simple to understand. He has a clear and calming demeanor that left an impact on our audience. I would recommend him to any organization looking to incorporate balance into the workday.

-Amy Shamus, Event Producer, Google




Mindfulness-based practices to help employees better manage burnout, stress and anxiety while helping to facilitate productivity, creativity, satisfaction and joy. 

Scheduled throughout the year:


Full/Half-Day Workshops

    ~ Annual, Semi-Annual or Quarterly

    ~ Customized Content & Topics

        -Ex: communication, burnout,

                balance, stress management

                attention, self-care, and more.

    ~ Includes presentation of topics, effective

        strategies & tools, exercises and practices,

        discussion and take-home materials. 


90-Min Zoom Sessions

    ~ Scheduled between workshops to help

        support the in-person coaching. 

    ~ Great opportunity to explore challenges, 

        share successes and cultivate consistency.



RATE: 1-3k per month with annual engagement

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